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Bridging the Gap

CloudKrate Solutions bridges the gap between scientists, suppliers, manufacturers, and policymakers to enable scientific innovation in India. CloudKrate brings together experts from research, supply chain and logistics, and public policy to build a holistic approach to improving scientific output.

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Inventory Management

Public Policy

Our Mission

At CloudKrate Solutions, our mission is to facilitate scientific progress by creating a collaborative ecosystem that fosters innovation, efficiency, and impactful outcomes. We are dedicated to driving positive change in the scientific landscape of India.


Comprehensive Approach

CloudKrate Solutions follows a comprehensive approach that understands the challenges of the Indian scientific ecosystem and tailors solutions accordingly. We help Indian scientists access resources that facilitate their research - from understanding policy surrounding scientific innovation to accessing reagents and materials to networking with their peers and policymakers. 

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Inventory Management

We help laboratories maintain their inventories optimally, so that a scientist never runs out of their necessary research materials. 


Better Quotes

Need 3 quotes? Our expert team can help you source these alongwith product reviews. You don't need to reach out to 3 suppliers, you only need to talk to us! 

Test Tubes

Rapid supplies

CloudKrate manages an inventory of important lab supplies, which can be delivered on an urgent basis. For other materials, we work with our supplier partners to expedite orders, and provide timely updates on your delivery status. 


Public Policy Focus

Science innovation requires an enabling policy environment. We use the on-ground challenges we see our scientist network face to inform on better public policy for science in India. 

Empowering Scientific Minds

CloudKrate Solutions empowers scientific minds by offering innovative tools, resources, and support systems that catalyze breakthroughs and elevate the overall research experience.

Holistic Toolkit

Streamlined Knowledge Sharing

Empowering Dialogue

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